“Flecks of Red” Has Arrived!

Thank you for taking the time to find us and welcome to the first official blog celebrating the release of “Flecks of Red, A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness,” as curated by Melyssa A. Harmon.

“Flecks of Red” was conceptualized on a warm summer night when Melyssa thought, as she often does, she would change the world, one poem at a time. Mania dictated her desire to open hearts and change minds and the concept of “Flecks of Red” was born. It began as a national poetry contest via Craigslist, and other online outlets. It quickly grew to a fundraiser for the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance and the idea to publish a book was a natural conclusion.

Today, nearly two years later, we have a unique collection of poetry from a wide variety of authors all around the U.S. From depression, anxiety and PTSD to bipolar, schizophrenia and OCD, “Flecks of Red, A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness” offers an intense but compassionate look at labels that we are finally discussing more openly as a culture.

Purchase your copy of “Flecks of Red” at Amazon.com and feel free to reach out with feedback or questions. Like most human beings, this website is a work in progress.


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