Rain, Rain…

It’s that time of year where summer beams of yellow give way to soggy streets and early street lights. This time of year is difficult for many people but for someone suffering from depression, bipolar disorder or seasonal affective disorder the change in the weather can be a challenging blow to the spirit.

Having tools to keep the blues at bay can be helpful but it could also be a time to rethink medication doses with your doctor. Many people struggle with autumn. Every 6 months it’s good to rethink what you’re taking, how much you’re taking, and why, especially if seasonal changes affect you. For those not taking medication, this time of the year might mean more indoor activity, creativity and mindfulness. What is your solution to staying sane? Send us your tips and tricks!



Is it really almost fall?

I cannot believe it’s almost fall, autumn, the end of summer. We’ve enjoyed a great many hot days this summer in Portland but I have to say I’m ready for pumpkin-spiced-such-and-such and cooler evenings.

“Flecks of Red” has been available now for 3 solid weeks. Promoting books, unlike records, is new to me so we’re slow to see sales but like humans, this campaign is a work in progress. We have some new promotions coming down the pike but we really need authors to step up and shine. Share your work online, brag a bit and let folks know you were a select group of writers called “Flecks of Red, A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness.” If anything, this collection is about being okay to be you. Your label or diagnosis is a subdivision of the property you occupy in the world. Shine and shine online by sharing your amazing work, one link, one email, one fan at a time.

Happy September to all those returning to school. Make sure you sit next to the kid who has no one.

All the best,


“Flecks of Red” Has Arrived!

Thank you for taking the time to find us and welcome to the first official blog celebrating the release of “Flecks of Red, A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness,” as curated by Melyssa A. Harmon.

“Flecks of Red” was conceptualized on a warm summer night when Melyssa thought, as she often does, she would change the world, one poem at a time. Mania dictated her desire to open hearts and change minds and the concept of “Flecks of Red” was born. It began as a national poetry contest via Craigslist, and other online outlets. It quickly grew to a fundraiser for the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance and the idea to publish a book was a natural conclusion.

Today, nearly two years later, we have a unique collection of poetry from a wide variety of authors all around the U.S. From depression, anxiety and PTSD to bipolar, schizophrenia and OCD, “Flecks of Red, A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness” offers an intense but compassionate look at labels that we are finally discussing more openly as a culture.

Purchase your copy of “Flecks of Red” at Amazon.com and feel free to reach out with feedback or questions. Like most human beings, this website is a work in progress.