Is it really almost fall?

I cannot believe it’s almost fall, autumn, the end of summer. We’ve enjoyed a great many hot days this summer in Portland but I have to say I’m ready for pumpkin-spiced-such-and-such and cooler evenings.

“Flecks of Red” has been available now for 3 solid weeks. Promoting books, unlike records, is new to me so we’re slow to see sales but like humans, this campaign is a work in progress. We have some new promotions coming down the pike but we really need authors to step up and shine. Share your work online, brag a bit and let folks know you were a select group of writers called “Flecks of Red, A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness.” If anything, this collection is about being okay to be you. Your label or diagnosis is a subdivision of the property you occupy in the world. Shine and shine online by sharing your amazing work, one link, one email, one fan at a time.

Happy September to all those returning to school. Make sure you sit next to the kid who has no one.

All the best,



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